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Everything you need to aid the body's natural detoxification system by helping it to remove toxins and heavy metals we build up. Great to boost your immune system too! Please read instructions before using your kit so you can get the most benefits for your detoxification system.

Dead Sea salt/Himalayan salt- beneficial and hydrating for various skin conditions especially with eczema and psoriasis. Has a high concentration of over 80 minerals  which include magnesium, calcium, bromide & zinc. Eases aches and pains and may improve sleep quality. Balances skin pH.

Baking Soda- Helps to increase mineral absorption.

Boron-Neutralizes flouride and chlorine in the water. Balances out the ph of your body along with promtoing joint/bone health.

Bentonite clay- A naturally forming clay which magnetically pulls toxins, heavy metals and wastes from the body. A key detoxifier for your system.

 It will make the water look a bit muddy. 

This is a 1 bath treatment kit.


Detox bath kit

  • Empty entire contents into bath as it is filling with very warm water (as warm as you can tolerate. ) Swirl ingredients around as tub fills (do not use metal utensil) to help clay / salts dissolve. Keep a glass of water close by and a washcloth for this bath, you will sweat!  Drink water throughout. You can enjoy soaking for as long as you wish. Do not wash with any soap. Finish by exfoliating  buildup of dead skin cells with a washcloth  and rinse throughly with cool water to remove toxins. Do not apply lotion to the body afterwards, as your skin pores are open. Keep drinking water to help as you may continue to sweat and detox. 

    *29 oz in a 100% compostible pouch

    Recommended bath add ins:  1/2 cup of Organic Apple Cider vinegar (contains "with the mother")

    Optional add in: A few drops of essential oils to the mixture BEFORE adding to water. (Rosemary, Lavender, Eucalyptus or  Sandalwood are some suggestions.
    *You may see detoxification in the form of "skin toxing" (skin rash or itching). Keep doing baths daily to further flush toxins from your system. Discontinue use if needed.
    *Not intended to treat or cure any illness. Has not been evaluated by the FDA. For external use only. Consult your physician for advice.

  • Dead sea salt, Pink Himalayan salt, Baking soda (aluminum free) ,Borax (boron) and Bentonite clay.

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